“A vibrant book with a good lesson for young leaders.”

           -Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

Girl with the world in front of her and fire coming from her heart.  Eyes full of wonder and hope.

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Written by J.P. Mitchell & Illustrated by Fuuji Takashi

Meet your new favorite picture book–an  anthem saluting the power of authentic fire to light up the world! Generations of girls have grown up believing they can only be one thing–sweet or strong, pretty or passionate. Unlearning these ideas and living free becomes a whole job.  Resisting them? An art form.  Who will sing permission–permission to live in joy? Permission to love self and others?  A pass to be complex and amazing?  Enter Sweet Fire.
This book is a beautifully illustrated, rhythmic invitation to courageously shine.  We were born to bring the fire–to let our passion, creativity and voice change the world.  Over time, though, the world changes us.  Society and life teach us to play small…quiet down…be cute, nice, safe.  Yet shrinking never served anyone,  and every girl should know it!  This book sings to the Sweet Fire inside us all that now is the time to let our fire light up the world!

meet the author

J.P. Mitchell

J.P. Mitchell is a word nerd. She is an educator, author, speaker and coach who empowers thinkers to link vision to opportunity through the power of words. On any given day, you can find her writing at the nexus of identity, intellect and inspiration.   A writer since childhood, she believes that identity, inspiration, vision and strategy all come alive through the tip of a pen.  It is her dream that all adults who have been marred by the “trauma by the red pen” get access to a redeeming relationship with writing that can change everything…and likewise, she wants all students to have the same.  Good writing starts with good reading–the other side of the coin she loves.  This book is a way of contributing to the body of children’s literature that leaves readers lifted, inspired and empowered.

Sweet Fire is J.P.’s way of speaking “life over limitations” to the boxes that girls find themselves bound by…In particular, the book is a love letter to the girls like her who longed to see themselves in books growing up but didn’t–and a nod to the messages she wished they’d heard. 

J.P. Mitchell lives in Columbus, Ohio with her husband, son and daughter.


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“Let your fire light up the world…”

A big thanks to those who helped bring this book to life!

We launched an ambitious Kickstarter campaign at the start of 2023 that unfortunately did not fully fund. However, a groundswell of support from innovation-loving readers allowed us to launch Plan B.  Thanks to them, we were able to complete the initial book order of first edition hardcover books! We are almost finished fulfilling rewards from the crowdfunding campaign, and soon Sweet Fire will be available through this website, Ingram and Amazon…but it will take a little while for this next step.  We are humbled by the interest and demand growing already, and thank you for the love. Thank you, too, for your patience as we make this message available to the world.

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