The Journey Started Here

Sweet Fire’s Story

From the Author

As an infant, my daughter was the sweetest baby you ever wanted to meet–until she was hungry or felt in need.  “Hold on, Sweet Fire, Mama’s coming!” I used to tell her.   It was my way of acknowledging that the self-advocating dimension of my sweet girl was just as valid as the contented side.  She stayed consistent as time went on.  As I watched her play in toddlerhood, I noticed she was great at sharing, listening and being a friend. I also noted that she knew how to stand up for herself!  When a child tried to snatch a toy from her, she resisted, respectfully. (It’s probably hard to imagine what that looks like at two–but she did it!) At that young age, she had the skill to resist bullying and assert her personal power…while still not becoming a bully herself.  It fascinated me.

Over time, as my daughter continued to live true to her nature, I realized this “Sweet Fire” concept was a great metaphor for lots of girls and women around the world.  In our world, society loves your sweetness–but let some passion show, and they’ve got labels for you.  Sometimes the description is “diva” or “difficult.”  Sometimes it’s worse.  This character and book present a counter-narrative to that idea that you can only be one thing–nice or honest, sweet or fiery.  Humans are more complex than that, and as girls and women we must give ourselves permission to acknowledge and celebrate this truth. This book is affirmation, celebration and permission.

If having permission to be complex were not enough, we live in a time where manners and tact are often thrown to the wind in the name of authenticity…this is not that message.  Manners, tact, discernment and empathy will never go out of style! We simply need to open the conversation about what it looks like to recognize the source and potential of your fire and to determine to use it for good…and we, the creators, believe with all of our hearts that this is possible. So to all of the Sweet Fires out there: let your fire light up the world!

There’s so much to tell about this story’s origin and the timeline from concept to product!  A timeline is forthcoming.  Meanwhile, let’s let the images tell the story…


“Oh Sweet Fire, burn so bright… jazzy by day and dazzling by night. Give the world your flame! Let ’em see your light, Sweet Fire! Oh, Sweet Fire…”

– Book excerpt